Our services

Our services

We want to build life-long relationships with a select group of individuals, families and private businesses.

Together with our team of specialists across Scotia Wealth Management, we want to help you achieve financial security through long-term investment direction and advice. We are committed to maintaining the highest level of industry standards and to giving our clients exceptional service.

Tailor made for you, the Managed Portfolio Program offers all the benefits of professional portfolio management coupled with outstanding service and accessibility. As your Portfolio Manager, I will invest tremendous time and expertise to understand your financial goals and lifestyle priorities, design a documented investment policy guide to your portfolio, and use informed discretion to execute day-to-day investment transactions on your behalf. The result is an expertly managed portfolio that’s designed just for you.

Retirement means different things to different people. No matter what your retirement plans are – modest or adventurous, it’s important to have a financial plan to get you to your retirement destination. The process itself is relatively straightforward. Ideally, you want to make sure that you have enough income and assets to live the kind of lifestyle that you want. What makes retirement planning more difficult is determining what that lifestyle will look like and then dealing with the many variables that go into the process and the pace with which they change. We can confidently prepare a financial plan for you with clear investment strategies to meet your retirement needs and goals.

You’ve worked hard to earn your money and in turn, you want to see as much of it as possible work for you. Tax efficient strategies allow you to identify opportunities now and build towards a tax-efficient solution centred on your priorities.

Estate planning is the complete picture – life’s present and future – and requires long-term investment thinking and planning. Moreover, estate planning is about the life of your family, your loved ones and the peace of mind you get from helping to provide for their financial security. A well-prepared estate plan will also help uncover alternative solutions you hadn’t considered or didn’t know were available.

Estate and trust services are provided by The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company.